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The primary objective of the Zingbat is to teach the batter to stay inside the ball, which in turn will make one have a quicker swing with better mechanics.

This is a sequential training bat, which should help the batter to learn the correct techniques to developing a good swing.  Staying inside the ball will make the batter quicker, which in turn will allow one a longer time to see the pitch before swinging, and then to swing with more power.

Remember that repetition is primary to learning; therefore, we feel that the minimum usage of the Zingbat would be a 10-10-10 sequence as illustrated below.  Any increase in the repetition cycles will be to the advantage of the batter.

Captain Zingbat to the Rescue
The hands are the only part of the body that make contact with the bat.  Therefore, a good position of the hands on the bat is essential to good hitting.

The bat should be held in the fingers loosely with the middle knuckles closely aligned with one another.   One must remember that loose muscles are quick muscles.  Keep the grip out of the palms; this will slow you down.

The ZingBat allows you to get much work on finding the best grip for you and to increase the speed at which you swing the bat.

The stance is very personal and the one that gives you the best results is the one you should use. The open stance places your front foot slightly away or back from your back foot. The square stance places both of your feet in a parallel line with the batter’s box. The closed stance places your front foot closer to the plate than your back foot.

In whatever stance you choose you must be able to cover the entire plate on any pitch. Your head must stay level, weight balanced on the inside of the feet, and hands some where around the top of the strike zone and slightly away from your body.

You must be in a position to best begin your load (the point at which your hands and/or shoulder moves slightly to the rear) as the weight shifts slightly to the inside of the back foot.


Split Grip Training Sequence

View Drill Station 1.
Choose Speed:
56k  150k

The top hand, right hand for a right hand hitter, will be on the slide and will be at the barrel end of the bat. The lower (bottom) hand will be placed at the top of the grip on the end of the bat.

From this position one makes a short load (movement backward with the bat) and then quickly slides top hand down the barrel (keeping right elbow close to the body) to where both hands are next to one another at the point of impact in front of the plate. Perform 10 times.

This sequence starts the same as in Sequence I but culminates in a full swing. Perform 10 times.

View Drill Station 2.
Choose Speed:

56k  150k

Normal Grip Training Sequence

View Drill Station 3.
Choose Speed:
56k  150k

Take a normal grip with both hands on the lower grip of the bat and take a full swing. The slide will move freely from the handgrip to end of barrel. Perform 10 times.

The sequences of 10-10-10 are a minimum. The more the batter performs the sequences with the ZingBat the quicker one becomes.

This sequence starts the same as in Sequence 3 but culminates in a full swing. Perform 10 times.

View Drill Station 4.
Choose Speed:

56k  150k

Dry Swing Bat Sizes
Model # Length Weight
ZB27Y 27" 23oz
ZB27 27" 27oz
ZB30 30" 30oz
ZB33 33" 33oz

Bat Size Recommendations
Beginners 27 oz.
Intermediate 30 oz.
Advanced 33 oz.

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